About us / Partnership


The UIMM [1] Savoie Training Centers gathers together two organisations located at the same place in La Motte-Servolex near Chambéry, Savoie, France:

-  AFPI [2] Savoie for vocational training for employees

- CFAI [3] Savoie is a vocational school for apprentices


These organisations are part of the UIMM’s national network and allow companies to train their current and future employees in fully renovated buildings covering a surface area of 6,400m².

AFPI and CFAI offer training in accordance with the needs of industrial companies:

-  Degrees [4] CAP (15-17 years old), BAC PRO (15-18 years old), BTS (18-20 years old), Professional degree,

-  Certificating and qualifying training : CQPM [5] – CQPI, Bachelor (20 years old)

Learners are made up of young people aged 15 and over, adults employed by companies, job seekers or those undergoing vocational retraining. More than 500 alternance learners (apprenticeship and professionalization contracts) and nearly 3,000 trainees (in continuing education) are trained and coached to employment each year.

More than 450 companies trust us: from small businesses to large industrial groups.

Thanks to educational resources specifically designed for manufacturers, AFPI and CFAI offer the best training solutions adapted to the needs of each company.

Our main training and expertise:  

- Boiler Making - Welding - Piping

- Equipment Management and Maintenance, Industrial Technologies

- Industrial Product Design 

- Project Management

- Electrotechnics

- Production, Mechanics, Machining

- Production and Quality Engineering 

- Safety, Prevention, Environment

- Staff Management, Management and Administration

We are looking for partners, companies or training organizations, to develop study projects that promote the mobility of our work-study students in Europe and abroad. 

Contact our Mobility Referent: Nataly Essonniern.essonnier@formation-industries-savoie.fr 


1 – UIMM: Union des Industries et des Métiers de la Métallurgie

2 – AFPI:  Association de formation professionnelle de l’Industrie

3 – CFAI: Centre de Formation des Apprentis de l'Industrie

4 –   CAP: Certificate of Professional Skills / BAC PRO: Professional Baccalaureate / BTS: Certificate of Advanced Technician

5 –   CQPM: Certificate of Qualification specific to Metallurgy / CQPI: Certificate of Qualification for industry. These qualifications are recognised at professional and inter-professional level in industry.